Our Process

Most of the entrepreneurs we work with, have been referred to us by sources we trust. And we are taking our time in getting to know every one of our candidates.

Here is what you can expect:

Submit Your Proposal

Whether you have spoken to one of us directly or you sent us your proposal through the online submission form, we prefer to cut to the chase and explain your idea to us rather submitting a full-blown business plan. Your proposal should answer the following questions: What is your start up (idea), what sets you apart from your competition? How big is the market you are going after? Where are you at in terms of business development? Have you assembled a team that allows you to get you there?

If we are intrigued and the opportunity is big enough, we will arrange a meeting with you.

First Meeting – People First

We invest in people first, because a great leader with a vision and the drive needed can succeed. We take this first meeting very seriously as we want to get to know you, your team, and your ambitions. But it is also a chance for you to see if we are the right investment partner for your business. We’ll also want to ask follow up questions, learn more about your target market better, perhaps speak to some of your customers, and discuss the challenges ahead.

Meeting The Investors

Now, that you have the biggest hurdles behind you, we’ll invite you to present either in person or via video-conference to our entire team of investment partners.  A short presentation will suffice, followed by a in-depth Q&A. If the partner team decides to go ahead, we will send you an offer to invest in your business including our terms.

Due diligence

Once we agree on the broad terms, we will start more in depth research and due diligence.  This usually takes usually 2-4 weeks, but it could be longer for more established businesses. This step will involve – but is not limited to – calling references, a legal audit and sometimes a financial or technical audit. Assuming we do not find any nasty surprises, we all sign the final documents and wire the money to your company’s bank account.


We aim to have a significant but minority equity stake in the companies we invest in.  We don’t want to be a majority shareholders because we aren’t interested in trying to run your business – we like founders who want to control their own destiny, and we like our interests to be aligned with them.


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