What We Are Looking For

What we are looking for in a start upWe look for great entrepreneurs offering a compelling value proposition in a large market with a clear plan to build a profitable organization.

Great Entrepreneurs

First and foremost, we look for entrepreneurs who have the passion and ambition to create significant companies.  Great companies are led by great people.  We look for the drive, the passion, and the desire to change the world and achieve greatness.

… who want to change the world

We look for solutions that will make a difference in this world! If your business solves an important problem in way that easily understood and therefore can provide a tangible benefit for its customers, community and society in general, you are more likely to succeed than someone who is in it for the money alone!

… in a large market

We look for companies that are targeting markets of significant size or heading for significant growth. If the market cannot develop beyond the one billion dollar milestone, it will probably be difficult to build a substantial company.

… with a clear plan

Do you have a clear plan for achieving your objectives? People who are focused on reaching milestones, and who know the key milestones of their business are more likely to succeed. A good idea will go nowhere if it is not backed by great execution.  We know it is a long road to greatness and it comes with many ups and downs.  So we look for management teams who can adapt, refocus, and stay the course.

… to build a profitable organization

In the end, your start up has to have the ability to grow into a profitable company that grows revenue and generates profits in a reasonable amount of time.

Does your start-up meet those criteria?

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